Dissonance & Disconnects: How entry- and mid-level foundation staff see their futures, their institutions and their field

FavoriteIn recent years, our country has faced rising tensions across racial, social, and political lines. Virtually every issue in which philanthropy is active — education, environment, climate, LGBTQ rights, immigration, healthcare, and more — has been affected in some way. Early- and mid-career practitioners are poised to help philanthropy navigate this current moment. They are powerful assets to their institutions — if their institutions can meaningfully engage them. Dissonance & Disconnects: How entry and mid-level foundation staff see their futures, their institutions, and their field examines the thoughts and feelings of early- and mid- career practitioners on philanthropy and their Read more

Getting Out of Our Own Way for Greater Impact

FavoriteIn these demanding times, effective grantmaking is more important than ever. Join Kris Putnam-Walkerly, experienced philanthropy advisor and author of Confident Giving, in this webinar to surface and break through the bad habits and well-intended follies that stand between our work and greater impact, including: Moving away from scarcity-based approaches to foundation management Cutting out unnecessary complexity and bureaucratic waste, and Reforming processes that unintentionally disrespect our grantees

Climbing the career mountain with well designed side projects

FavoriteThis webinar will provide you with tools for choosing, designing and making the most of side projects. You will learn frameworks to consider possibilities from new angles, hear examples of how side projects can help lead to a fulfilling and exciting career, and be guided through a brief workshop for you to process your own work and projects – no matter where you are in your career.

Strengthening the Field of Black Male Achievement: Strategies for Success

FavoriteDuring this webinar, we were joined by policy and communications experts who’ve been building and sustaining the Black Lives Matter movement for years. Through the lens of the Foundation Center’s landmark report, “Building a Beloved Community: Strengthening the Field of Black Male Achievement” we explored the capacity-building and systems-change strategies from the bird’s eye to the grassroots to learn what’s working.

Developing Your Career Narrative

FavoriteThis webinar focused on developing your career narrative for expanding your network, finding jobs, and applying to graduate school. A career narrative or story is critical in building trust as you pursue career transitions. This webinar helped participants understand why they need a career narrative and the five key elements of a career narrative.

Community Voices Heard: Engaging Constituents for Social, Economic and Racial Justice

FavoriteLearn how CVH builds leadership development and collective power towards broader goals of government transparency and social justice. We explored case studies around three impact issues: welfare policy reform, public housing reform, and participatory budgeting. We also learned what it looks like to fund this work. Attendees learned how funding community engagement can fit into a broader social change grantmaking strategy.