Engaging Generation Impact: Best Practices for Families

FavoriteBuilding on the research and analysis presented in our book, Generation Impact: How Next Gen Donors Are Revolutionizing Giving (Wiley, 2017), this guide offers specific ideas and implications for working closely with your next gen. It provides best practices and highly practical takeaways for engaging and supporting next gen donors as they figure out their philanthropic roles and prepare to launch their own giving efforts. We’ll summarize how the next gen learn best, and who or what influences the development of their values and interest in—and approaches to—philanthropy. We’ll review our most relevant themes, data, quotes, and findings for families and those Read more

Tips: Engaging Generation Impact as Teens

FavoriteIn the course of researching and writing Generation Impact: How Next Gen Donors Are Revolutionizing Giving, we were struck by how often the donor education and philanthropic identify of those we surveyed and interviewed began forming in their teens. While there are other helpful resources in the field of “youth philanthropy,” the material here is based specifically on what we learned from our research on Gen X and Millennial major donors— those who make up what we call “Generation Impact.” We share insights here into how they watched, learned, and participated in philanthropy as children and teens in ways that Read more

Better Together: Realizing the Promise of Collaboration in Family Philanthropy

FavoriteThis report explores unique challenges and opportunities, and offers a set of recommendations for how to realize the promise of working better together. The insights here are based primarily on in-depth dialogues about family philanthropy collaboration that occurred during the third National Summit on Family Philanthropy.

The Future of Family Philanthropy – Predicting and Preparing

FavoriteBased on the candid peer conversations and insights from thought leaders that were offered during two “National Summits” on family philanthropy, this brief envisions the changes in the field, and suggests ways to adapt family giving for a better future– a future of new families, new generations, new kinds of relationships, and new methods for creating change.

Next Gen Donors Report

FavoriteThis first-of-its-kind research examines the next generation of major donors and studies this crucial group directly, rather than summarizing what others think about them. This project is a partnership of The Frey Chair for Family Philanthropy at the Johnson Center for Philanthropy, and 21/64, a nonprofit consulting practice specializing in next gen and multigenerational strategic philanthropy.