Evaluation for Models and Adaptive Initiatives

FavoriteThe authors concentrate on how the nature of the intervention affects evaluation design. They outline a framework for selecting evaluation approaches for two types of grantmaking programs used to achieve far-reaching impact: models and adaptive initatives. Evaluation that is attuned to the transformations in models and adaptive initiatives will continue to help fuel these two powerful engines of social change.

Going Deeper: Can Investigative Reporters Add Value to Assessment and Evaluation?

FavoriteThe John S. and James L. Knight Foundation supplemented its standard evaluation approach by engaging professional journalists to elaborate on evaluation findings. The resulting reports are more direct, even critical, than any prior Knight Foundation attempt to evaluate and assess. It produced deeper looks into the intent and outcome of major initiatives, analyzing and addressing flaws in the theories of change underlying initiatives.  

The Colorado Trust’s Healthy Communities Initiative: Results and Lessons for Comprehensive Community Initiatives

FavoriteThe Colorado Healthy Communities Initiative (CHCI) was a comprehensive community initiative designed and funded by The Colorado Trust as a means of empowering citizens to make their communities healthier. This paper describes: the background and development of the initiative, including the general principles that underlay the CHCI model; the degree to which the planning process was carried out according to the model within the various sites; and the initiative’s key outcomes, especially with regard to civic engagement, new health-promotion programs, and new infrastructure for community problem-solving.