Offshore philanthropy

FavoriteOrganized philanthropy exists because a few individuals are able to accumulate a vast surplus of resources. Given how much good is done with philanthropic donations, it seems ungrateful to look too closely at the source of that money. Yet recent financial data leaks, including the Panama Papers and the earlier HSBC Swiss Files, act like glasses for the myopic—they bring into focus one of the wealth management practices that enables private individuals to hold on to resources. Moreover, a number of named individuals are well-known philanthropic donors. With these revelations, the sector should look hard at the uncomfortable ways in Read more

Trends in Global Philanthropy Among U.S. Foundations

FavoriteIn this article, the authors present the data on international grantmaking by foundations in the United States, discuss the factors likely influencing the change, and identify some of the issues inherent in international grantmaking – issues largely ignored despite the dramatic increases in funding.