Program Officer Competency Model©

FavoriteChart a path toward transformative grantmaking and trust-based relationships. Foundation program officers play a critical, nuanced role at the intersection of resources, strategies, and stakeholders. The Program Officer Competency Model captures this complexity. Development of the model included an analysis of more than 100 job descriptions, a review by competency model experts, and the input of nine focus groups with grantmakers and nonprofit leaders to determine and define the essential competencies of the program officer role. This model elevates the importance of demonstrating core KSAOs over the holding of traditional credentials and formal networks — all in the service of Read more

11 Trends in Philanthropy for 2021

FavoriteHow many times in the last 12 months has it felt like we’ve entered a new reality? Events we may never have thought possible have crashed over us, wave after wave. When our team set out to formulate our 11 Trends in Philanthropy for 2021 report, this turmoil was only beginning to ramp up. We got to work in May 2020, much earlier than we typically begin. Knowing this would be the fifth edition of the annual report, we wanted to take a deeper look backward, as well as forward, to reflect on the trends we’ve highlighted since 2017 and to see Read more

11 Trends in Philanthropy 2020

FavoriteWhat place should philanthropy hold in a democratic society? Across our field, in politics, in business, and in our communities, Americans are questioning the very nature of philanthropy and probing its core value. These questions ask who has the responsibility — or the right — to tackle complex problems like poverty and climate change. They ask how nonprofits and funders are evolving in response to community needs. They ask what is just, and they ask what is kind. These questions are not new; they have been at the heart of our sector since the beginning. Rather, they are renewed in Read more

Evaluation and Impact Investing: A Three-Part Webinar Series

FavoriteThe Johnson Center has teamed up with the American Evaluation Association, the Council of Michigan Foundations, and the Mission Investors Exchange to offer a FREE three-part webinar series! Designed to engage evaluators and impact investors on the opportunities for using evaluative thinking in social finance and impact investing, the series will focus on the three program phases — planning, implementation, and recalibration — and how evaluators can use their skills in each phase. Sept. 26, Oct. 10, and Oct. 30. Register

11 Trends in Philanthropy for 2019

FavoriteExperts and thought leaders from the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy — along with several members of our Leadership Council — have examined changes in the field and identified 11 trends in philanthropy we expect to see impacting our sector in 2019. These trends cover a range of topics, from a marked growth in nonprofit media, to a downturn in religiosity, to ongoing uncertainty about the impact of 2017’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on the nonprofit sector. These “11 Trends in Philanthropy for 2019” will help you anticipate and embrace what’s next.

Field Notes in Philanthropy

FavoriteField Notes in Philanthropy hosts conversations exploring the places where politics, current events and philanthropy intersect and their impact locally and globally. Hosted by: Patrick Center, News and Public Affairs Director, WGVU Public Media, PBS & NPR Tory Martin, Director of Communications and Engagement for the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy Matthew Downey, Director of Nonprofit Services for the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy

Field Focus

FavoriteCurrent Focus: Data and the Sector In April, May, and June, we’ll explore how data can drive effective philanthropy. We’ll hear from colleagues across the sector and identify resources from years of research and engagement. We’ll gather what we learn and share it with you, presenting perspectives on all the ways data impacts our work and our missions. Related reading, webinars and other resources. Curated content, resources, & tools focused on topics and concepts important to philanthropy right now. Field Focus is an initiative to empower our networks by bringing practitioners, thought leaders, and issue experts together around one theme.

CMF / Johnson Center Grantmaking Series

FavoriteThis practitioner-led learning series of webinars and workshops, offered by the Council of Michigan Foundations and the Johnson Center for Philanthropy, teaches the techniques of effective grantmaking to both new and seasoned foundation professionals. The sessions are highly practical, academically rigorous, and designed to be as accessible and affordable as possible. Participants who complete the series will receive a Certificate of Completion.

11 Trends in Philanthropy for 2018

Favorite 11 trends: 1. Giving More by Giving Together: The Johnson Center’s W.K. Kellogg Community Philanthropy Chair Jason Franklin has conducted significant research on collaborative giving, including as part of a research team that recently released a report on giving circles. He anticipates seeing the growth of more democratized and diversified philanthropy. Franklin said giving circles and other collaborative giving groups have tripled in number since 2007 and that number is expected to grow. 2. Next Gen Donors and the “Golden Age of Giving”: Gen-Xers and Millennials with the capacity for making major gifts will likely become the most significant generation of philanthropists Read more

Giving Circles / Collective Giving Groups in the U.S.

FavoriteThis new study’s findings provide strong evidence that giving circles are an increasingly significant philanthropic force, engaging a greater diversity of donors, including women, people of various ethnic and racial backgrounds, and donors of all wealth levels.

The Grantmaking School Courses

FavoriteDesigned and led by leaders in the field, our program helps professionals bridge research, knowledge, and good practice. Courses are available for your whole staff or individuals, and we offer standard curricula as well as customized learning experiences. Our standard courses are listed below — view our calendar for upcoming courses, or contact us to customize a course for your organization. Advanced Proposal Analysis intentionally focuses on the essential skills of proposal review, recommendations, project management, and other core competency areas. We strongly believe that mastering this work is the key to excellence in grantmaking. Financial Analysis in Grantmaking provides grantmakers with the necessary knowledge and Read more

Better Together: Realizing the Promise of Collaboration in Family Philanthropy

FavoriteThis report explores unique challenges and opportunities, and offers a set of recommendations for how to realize the promise of working better together. The insights here are based primarily on in-depth dialogues about family philanthropy collaboration that occurred during the third National Summit on Family Philanthropy.

Valuing Social Return on Investment

FavoriteThis report seeks to identify and describe state-of-the-art approaches to valuing social returns on social investments (SROI), to review the organizational challenges to implementing an SROI measurement process, and to examine in detail organizations in the Netherlands and the United States that have attempted to use SROI measurements. The focus of each piece of the project was SROI methods and valuation in the health care field, specifically. In the conclusion, the report distills some best practices and practical tips for conducting SROI measurements.

The Future of Family Philanthropy – Predicting and Preparing

FavoriteBased on the candid peer conversations and insights from thought leaders that were offered during two “National Summits” on family philanthropy, this brief envisions the changes in the field, and suggests ways to adapt family giving for a better future– a future of new families, new generations, new kinds of relationships, and new methods for creating change.

Next Gen Donors Report

FavoriteThis first-of-its-kind research examines the next generation of major donors and studies this crucial group directly, rather than summarizing what others think about them. This project is a partnership of The Frey Chair for Family Philanthropy at the Johnson Center for Philanthropy, and 21/64, a nonprofit consulting practice specializing in next gen and multigenerational strategic philanthropy.

Impact on Giving After the Repeal of the Michigan Community Foundation Tax Credit

FavoriteThis study assesses the initial impact of the 2011 repeal of the Community Foundation Tax Credit in Michigan. The Council of Michigan Foundations commissioned the study with the hope of using the data to better understand the role of incentives in charitable giving and to leverage legislative support for community foundations.