A Call to Action: Trustee Advocacy to Advance Opportunity for Black Communities in Philanthropy

Favorite This Call to Action encourages foundation Trustees to increase the representation of Black leadership among foundations’ staff, vendors, consultants and grantees. It emerges from the Association of Black Foundation’s (ABFE) initiative, “Leverage the Trust”, which promotes the role of Black Trustees in making philanthropy more responsive to Black communities.

Who Becomes a Foundation CEO? An Analysis of Hiring Patterns, 2004-2008

FavoriteThis study provides baseline data about the professional and individual characteristics of 440 candidates selected to be the top executive in a grantmaking institution during a five-year study period (2004-2008), and about the hiring patterns of the diverse institutions making these appointments.

Leadership Development in the Social Sector: A Framework for Supporting Strategic Investments

FavoriteIn this article is a framework for identifying the level of intervention (individual, team, organization, network, or system) and the level of impact (individual, team, organization, community, or field of policy and practice) is proposed as a tool for more strategic investing in leadership development.