Five Elements of a Thriving Justice Ecosystem

FavoriteCreating the Conditions to Advance Justice: Redefining Capacity Building By listening to our clients and partners and looking to people whose history, knowledge, and experiences have been forced to the periphery, MAG has come to believe there are five elements that are critical to advancing a thriving justice ecosystem:  Advancing Deep Equity Cultivating Leaderful Ecosystems Valuing Multiple Ways of Knowing Influencing Complex Systems Change Creating the Space for Inner Work In partnership with the Nonprofit Quarterly, MAG has recently published a series on the elements. The five articles in the series present each element in turn, exploring what it means and Read more

Systems Grantmaking Resource Guide

FavoriteThe Systems Grantmaking Resource Guide will help all social change leaders push the envelope further on developing systems change capacities while exploring practical ways to facilitate systems change. It brings together an overview of the systems approach and mindset with a promising set of resources, tools, frameworks, and methods for understanding and influencing systems. Co-created with Grantmakers for Effective Organizations and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the Resource Guide advances the conversation about how philanthropy and the broader social sector can better adopt a systems approach to solving today’s most daunting problems. Explore the interactive website and download the guide