Principled Philanthropy

FavoriteAs part of the Minnesota Council on Foundations continuing efforts to help foundations maintain and improve the effectiveness of their work, MCF has prepared several comprehensive resources to help foundations conduct their work legally and ethically. Principles for Grantmakers & Practice Options for Philanthropic Organizations What Every Grantmaker Should Know & Frequently Asked Legal Questions

Disaster Philanthropy

FavoriteDisaster philanthropy is the term used when a foundation responds to a natural disaster, man-made emergency or complex humanitarian crisis with grantmaking or fund raising. Ever since Hurricane Katrina in 2005, leaders in the philanthropic community have become more aware of the importance of this approach to giving. What follows are the stories of three Minnesota organizations that’ve made the foray into disaster philanthropy. What have they learned from their experiences? And how can this approach help every foundation do a better job of delivering on its core mission?