Trends 2020: Results of the Second National Benchmark Survey of Family Foundations

FavoriteNCFP’s inaugural study on trends in family philanthropy, Trends 2015, was the first benchmark study of its kind, designed to collect timely and actionable information about the field at a national level. The study’s findings shed light on common challenges and have guided many in their philanthropy decisions. Trends 2020 includes new questions relevant to ongoing changes in the field including issues of equity, place-based giving, transparency, the role of the donor, and the question of spend down versus perpetuity. These questions were developed by the Trends in Family Philanthropy National Advisory Committee, NCFP staff, and our experienced research partner, Phoenix Marketing Read more

Pride of Place: Sustaining a Family Commitment to Geography

FavoriteHow has place-based family philanthropy evolved over time? Pride of Place: Sustaining a Family Commitment to Geography is a study of place-based foundations and funds. A place-based foundation or fund is committed—often exclusively—to a particular geographic region of the country. Rather than look first to comparing the contrasting decisions—why a place or issue basis for giving—this study is designed to examine how family foundations and funds committed to place are sustaining (or not sustaining) that commitment over generations.

NCFP’s Family Philanthropy Knowledge Center

FavoriteThese free resources are a sample of what’s available in NCFP’s Family Philanthropy Knowledge Center, the premier source of information and inspiration for family philanthropy. Our 24-hour digital library puts thousands of resources at your fingertips—discussion papers, sample policies, assessment tools, webinar replays and much more.

Emotionally Invested: A Collection of Articles about Impact Investing

FavoriteThe theme of this issue of Passages is “Emotionally Invested” and it includes a number of articles about impact investing alongside your values. Impact investing seeks a return from one’s investments other than a strictly financial return. For the majority of impact investors, that means they seek a general or specific environmental, social or governance outcome, in addition to a financial return, from their investments.

Generations Together: A Curriculum for Engaging Youth in Family Philanthropy

FavoriteAs more families look to get their children involved in philanthropy at a younger age, the National Center for Family Philanthropy is offering a resource that will help the next generation learn how to carry their families’ legacies forward. Generations Together – sponsored by U.S. Trust – is an online resource that helps young adults, teens and children explore family traditions and goals, learn about giving, and understand how philanthropy works.

2015 Trends Study Results of the First National Benchmark Survey of Family Foundations

Favorite The National Center for Family Philanthropy engaged the Urban Institute to design and conduct a nationally representative survey of family foundations. The study creates a profile of family foundations documenting the current number, size, age, assets, and giving levels of family foundations across the nation. This groundbreaking survey provides a baseline for tracking trends in family philanthropy over time.