Narrow the Power Gap

FavoriteUse practices and policies to help narrow the power gap between grantmakers and grantseekers, and value equally the resources each brings to the partnership. PEAK Grantmaking calls on grantmakers to adopt policies and practices that cede power, generating more balanced partnerships. Some of the publicly available resources: ACTION PLANNER Strategies for Narrowing the Power Gap in Philanthropy WEBINAR Webinar | Strategies for Narrowing the Power Gap in Philanthropy ASSESSMENT TOOL Net Grant Calculator

GM101 Online Introduction to Grants Management

Favorite GM101 Online provides a basic overview of the grants management role, and the scope of the grantmaking process, in funder organizations. This online version of the popular full-day workshop allows you to learn at your own pace and at your convenience. Learn more about the features of GM101 Online | Read the FAQ Questions about GM101? Contact the Programs Department.Prefer classroom learning? Look for the full-day GM101 workshop that’s offered in conjunction with our annual conference in March in Seattle.

Courage in Practice—The Principles for Peak Grantmaking

FavoriteMany in our sector are talking about big ideas such as equity and inclusion, narrowing the power gap in our sector, being authentically engaged in our communities, listening and learning from our partners, and living our values in our practice. We can help the sector move beyond conversation to action. We believe our members have the power to bring tangible, real-life, and practical implementation to these big ideas to build a bridge between strategic vision and action. To this end, we support their professional growth through developing the competencies that will help them lead this change.

PEAK Insight Journal, Revisit Reporting

FavoriteIn this issue of PEAK Insight Journal, articles focus on how reporting can lead to greater results. Too often, funders are missing the connections, lessons, and relationships that grant reporting could and should be making. Reporting is often our field’s first (and sometimes only) opportunity to explore the space between what we hoped for and what actually happened. Reviewing and responding to a grant report can be a critical part of an ongoing conversation between a grantmaker and its nonprofit partners. Reporting can be designed and deployed to benefit the shared work of the funder and grantee.

Learn – Learning with PEAK Grantmaking

FavoritePEAK Grantmaking is committed to providing relevant learning opportunities and resources for all professionals in grants management. Investing in yourself and your career is the ultimate long-term investment. Start learning today! Learning Advisor – Identify and Address Skills Gaps. Optimize Your Performance. PEAK Grantmaking’s Grants Management Professional Competency Model defines the professional knowledge, skills, and abilities expected of grants management professionals, regardless of their area of specialization, the size of their organization, or their role within the field. View the Competency Model | Download the PDF Webinars Popular Learning Resources

PEAK Insight Journal, Intermediaries

FavoriteIn this issue of PEAK Insight Journal, we look at the rise of intermediaries and their increasing influence in philanthropy. Intermediaries, sometimes called regranters, are not new to philanthropy, but their use and utility are a topic of much discussion these days. At their core, intermediaries connect the dots between donors and grantees, managing the grantmaking process with expertise gained from thousands of similar transactions. We highlight ways in which intermediaries afford donors the flexibility and capacity to more quickly respond to events and to use more tools to match capital to needs on the ground.

Consumers Guide to Integrated Systems for Community Foundations

FavoriteIdealware partnered with Technology Affinity Group and PEAK Grantmaking to update the publication, Consumers Guide to Integrated Systems for Community Foundations. In this edition, they review and compare eight software packages to see how they meet the specific needs of community foundations. Thanks to the generosity of partners, it’s free to download.

Successful Structures: Rethinking the Role of Grants Management

FavoriteIn our exploration of successful structures, we studied organizations of different sizes, types, missions, and cultures. We identified a set of common practices supported by certain organizational characteristics and behaviors that, over time, are building successful structures. These characteristics and behaviors boil down to five essential guidelines for realizing a successful grantmaking structure designed to integrate the “how” of grantmaking with foundation strategy and impact

Due Diligence

FavoriteDue diligence—the process by which a funder assesses an organization before deciding to invest—can cause anxiety for grantmakers and grantseekers alike. In part, this is because it’s poorly understood. In this guide, we dispel five myths, distinguish between legal compliance and the rest of the due diligence process, and clarify legal requirements.