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FavoriteDesigned and led by leaders in the field, our program helps professionals bridge research, knowledge, and good practice. Courses are available for your whole staff or individuals, and we offer standard curricula as well as customized learning experiences. Our standard courses are listed below — view our calendar for upcoming courses, or contact us to customize a course for your organization. Advanced Proposal Analysis intentionally focuses on the essential skills of proposal review, recommendations, project management, and other core competency areas. We strongly believe that mastering this work is the key to excellence in grantmaking. Financial Analysis in Grantmaking provides grantmakers with the necessary knowledge and Read more

Leadership Development in the Social Sector: A Framework for Supporting Strategic Investments

FavoriteIn this article is a framework for identifying the level of intervention (individual, team, organization, network, or system) and the level of impact (individual, team, organization, community, or field of policy and practice) is proposed as a tool for more strategic investing in leadership development.