Lessons in Funder Collaboration: What the Packard Foundation Has Learned about Working with Other Funders

FavoriteFor decades, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation has worked with other funders to solve complex social problems. Recently, The Bridgespan Group helped the Foundation take stock of what it can learn from its many collaborations. This report shares our findings, including five collaborative models Packard uses and factors that raise the chances of a collaboration’s success. Other funders will find the Packard experiences instructive as they consider their own collaborations. Reading time 3 min.

Aggregate Regional Association Logic Model

FavoriteThis logic model is an aggregation of key activities that you perform as a regional association (RA). It was developed in conjunction with RAs that attended Innovation Network’s evaluation session at the 2013 Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers Annual Conference, and was further vetted by a group of RA representatives before being finalized. The purpose of this aggregate logic model is to provide RAs with a springboard to build their own logic models and other planning documents.