The XX Factor: A Comprehensive Framework for Improving the Lives of Women & Girls

In this report, we provide a comprehensive framework for those interested in advancing the lives of women and girls.

Our team examined dozens of research studies and related frameworks, sorting through the thousands of indicators that are being used by development institutions, policymakers, foundations, community agencies, and other stakeholders concerned about making a difference in the lives of women and girls. What emerged from the evidence was consensus around which indicators link to the greatest impact on the lives of women and girls globally, in five key areas: health, education, economic empowerment, personal safety, and legal rights.

We call these the “five dimensions of women’s lives.” They represent what we believe to be vital areas where funders can create positive change. For each dimension we highlight which indicators have both the deepest evidence base and the broadest consensus linking them to greater social impact for women and girls globally. We created this framework to help funders:

Understand the main ways to help; Identify the most promising and evidence-based areas of intervention; and Measure progress.

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Kate Barrett, Rebecca Hobble, Katherina Rosqueta



Diversity, Equity and Inclusion